Very Satisfed First Time Home Buyer

Christine Menear and The Menear Realty Group provided a superb experience for a first time home buyer like myself. Starting out with a basic price range, we were able to go through options at a pace that worked for me. From the first home visit to the last, Christine shared her knowledge about how to determine if the home was a quality product, covering details that I would have easily missed. In addition to providing expert guidance, she also was a pleasure to work with; always willing to share a story. The Menear Realty Group even took time to go through selecting the options for my house, ensuring I chose the most beautiful selections for my house and budget; something I sorely needed assistance with as a first time home buyer. I strongly recommend choosing The Menear Realty Group to guide you through your home buying experience. I’m thankful I did.

— Jacob Rea - March 2017